Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jon Dee Graham : On The Mend

Looks like a happy ending is in the cards for this near tragedy

Jon Dee Graham is recovering at University Medical Center at Brackenridge after a car wreck Friday night. He was listed in fair condition, according to Seton Hospital officials. Graham was driving home from Dallas when he fell asleep at the wheel, his family said Sunday. Here is the full statement posted on his MySpace page Sunday.

“Hello. We are surprised how quickly news travels. News of Jon Dee’s
accident has aready even been on the radio. A lot of people are really
wanting to know what happened. Jon Dee was on his way home from a gig in
Dallas late Friday night and sadly, fell asleep at the wheel. His oldest
son had just arrived from New York, and Jon Dee wanted to make it home
before breakfast.

Over the decades, he’s driven thousands of miles after
a gig,and to and from gigs, so, it was a surprise for him to suddenly
have his car spinning and derailing. Somehow, even as busy as I-35 can
be he was the only person and car involved in the accident. He was in
intensive care and is improving. He will be in the hospital for several
more days, at least.

Thank you for concerns from all friends and fans.
Jon Dee is happiest when is playing live and he will be on with the
shows when he recovers. He is pretty banged up, with broken bones,
injured insides, etc. Evidently, driving a Volvo really did save his
life. The Volvo died, thank God Jon Dee didn’t. Thank you for your
blessings, prayers, support and good thoughts of healing.


Jon Dee’s family”