Monday, September 8, 2008

End Of The Road : Part One

“Goodbye's all we’ve got left to say…”

There comes a time in every relationship when you have to stop and take stock of what the future holds. It’s no different in our business. As you all know we offer a lot of exclusive music that is not easily found elsewhere, if at all. There comes a time though when the stock eventually dries up or other circumstances cause us to end our relationship with particular titles. It doesn’t mean anyone’s mad or litigation is pending. There are only so many copies of any given title available.

It’s a complicated formula that eventually leads to us deleting these titles from our catalog. In the past we have done this with no fanfare and moved on. However, we thought with this blog we would let our customers have one last chance before we pull the plug. In most cases it means that the artist needs the inventory themselves for sales on the road, or that we feel we’ve possibly sold all that we will ever sell and need the shelf space for newer titles, and in some cases the title is now out of print and we still have a few on hand.

With that in mind the list of titles below are in very short supply and will no longer be offered after October 1, 2008. In all cases with these titles there are less than ten copies in the warehouse. Due to the short supply we will not make this offer in the mailer, this is the only place and time it will be offered.

We plan to do this once a month or so for our blog subscribers so keep an eye out for future liquidations.

As if I have to say it, orders will be filled in the order they are received so don’t delay if you see something you missed.


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