Friday, November 28, 2008

December Mailer : First Look

Your Early Christmas Present

Due to just about anything you can name (they don't call it stuffing for nothing) we're a bit behind finishing the December mailer. Most, but not all, of the titles have been input at the website, however they lack reviews and information. Due to the limited nature of some titles, and the fact that it's December and restocking will get more difficult with each passing day we're offering blog subscribers first shot at these titles.

That's not to say that we won't be able to get these again, it's just that it will take longer this time of year on some titles and we know some of these will make great presents. Things usually slow down in December, but for some reason there are lots of essential titles and some hard to find ones that we've been trying for months to offer finally showing up at our tree.

This link will take you to the work in progress mailer. Non blog subscribers will not get this opportunity. (Membership still has its
privilege's even in these tough times) You will still eventually get a complete email version just like always, but when you see some of the titles you'll not want to be left out while we wait for additional stock.

Thanks for another wonderful year, and keep checking the site for more great titles.