Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Live Steve Young CD

This new Steve Young CD was left at our doorstep this morning, completely unexpected, but here it is. It was recorded live late in 2006 at the Pioneer Pavillion, Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio. It will be featured in the next mailer, however it is available for purchase now for early bird shoppers.


Ragtime Blues Guitar (Steve Young)
Little Birdie (trad.)
Coal Tattoo (Billy Ed Wheeler)
The White Trash Song (Steve Young)
Tobacco Road (John D Loudermilk)
Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young)
Silverlake (Steve Young)
Lonesome, Orn'ry & Mean (Steve Young)
Ballad Of William Seyamore (Benet/Young)
Peyote Chant (trad.)
Coyote My Little Brother (Peter LaFarge)
Useful Girl (Richard Dobson)
I'm A One Woman Man (T. Franks/Johnny Horton)
Hoboin' (trad.)
East Virginia (trad.)