Sunday, June 22, 2008



Today our favorite pilgrim turns seventy two. That's right, seventy two. Hard to believe that he's been around this long considering the hard living and loving of those early days. He must be related to Jerry Lee Lewis. He's left his mark just about anywhere that music is played and has written some of the most enduring modern day standards. Standards about life on the road, wasted days and wasted nights, lovers and friends, pretty much everything but a classic car song when you get right down to it.

Unlike a lot of songwriters you always got the impression that he was the protagonist in nearly all of his songs. While others wrote in the abstract he stuck to everyday life and the struggles from getting out of bed on a Sunday morning to drinking it all away on a Saturday evening. What he lacked in vocal prowess he more than made up for by telling a story that you would never forget. Reminds me of a young kid from Hibbing Minnesota with a limited vocal range that managed to get his point across a few times.

Anyway Kris, it's your day. We'll have a round for you tonight because when it's all said and done "the going up is worth the coming down."