Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DELANEY BRAMLETT: Where The Soul Never Dies


It seems that no matter what we get for Christmas, or what friends and family we haven’t seen for ages drop by for the holidays the year always seems to end with a sad passing. Unfortunately this year is no exception. Just a few days after Christmas came the news that Delaney Bramlett had passed.

He may not have been the household name that most of the people he worked with were, but he was more often than not the glue that held the session together. Whether he was sharing the stage with Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison, wife Bonnie or any number of others he brought something to the party that made the event special. I urge you to poke around on the Internet and see what you can find out about him and his life. I think you’ll be more than a little surprised at what you discover. I’d also be willing to bet that just about everyone who’s serious about their music has something in their collection that he was involved with.

It was hard to come up with a single clip from all of the great footage available featuring him. Instead of seeing how many iconic guests I could find him on stage with I decided to use this one that shows him doing what he probably did best. Sharing the stage with his then wife Bonnie covering Dr. John’s “When The Battle Is Over.” There is perhaps no better example of what people are talking about when they mention “blue eyed Southern soul” than a performance like this one.